Social Media Fundamentals for Small/Medium Size Organisations

Social Media Fundementals for Small/Medium Size Organisations

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Background Expertise


Social Media Fundamentals was specifically formed to specialize in assisting small to medium size enterprises in building cost effective Social Media strategies and campaigns. Our key contributions can be made on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The greatest contribution we can make is to create value strategies for Small to Medium size businesses via:

  1. Sound strategic preparation
  2. Application and implementation
  3. Revitalizing Social Media performance
  4. Coaching and mentoring of staff

We have many connections these days with people who can provide parallel services such as web design, media placement, photography, graphic design etc. At the very least we know where to find them for you.

If you are a large enterprise looking for typical big agency support and servicing I think it’s better to look elsewhere, unless you want us to contribute to strategy, which we are more than willing to do. Continue reading “Social Media Fundamentals for Small/Medium Size Organisations”